The Cultural Association LEUCOSIA was born out of love for Naples and for those who admire its rich folklore as well as its immense historical and artistic heritage that isunparalleled in the world.

During these years the team Leucosia partecipated at the following events:

2007,2008, 2009, 2010 Years

2011-2012 Year



As requested Tour: The Tour of the Witches

Walking along the ancient streets called "decumani", and therefore takes place in the Old Centre, It reflects on the legends and anecdotes, the description of cults and underground ceremonies and on the narration of stories of people who lived their lives in the maze of Neapolitan Greek-Roman alleys.

The tour last about two hours.



Based on the same topic the following itinerary is characterized:

"The Ghosts of Piazza Mercato"

The square which for centuries was a site for a large number of eexecutions,  d from the days of Conradin to the martyrs of 1799.



Art and not only” Painting exibition (Painter Master: Marco Chiuchiarelli and Carlo Alberto Palumbo of the school Inform of Art) set up in the cavity of Cavour Square number 140 where Eng. Clemente Esposito manages as   President of the 'Association:
IN NEAPOLI AsSoTecNa and of Meridional Speleological Centre.



"Harmonies from undreground"

In the same cavity the Classic Guitar Concert duo has been performed by Guitar-Master Claudio Bottino and Rosario Gaudiosi whitch performance was achieved at same time with a visit tour in the cavity located in Cavour square number 140.